Phil Goff St Heliers Meeting

By July 1, 2019News

There was a strong turnout to hear Auckland Mayor Phil Goff speak in St Heliers on the 19th of June. He demonstrated he was a great orator and had a lot of positive things to say about Auckland and what has been done under his leadership. Most importantly, he stated that the removal of the car parks and the addition of the new pedestrian crossings in St Heliers were to be shelved and a working group will now be formed. Current issues in St Heliers that were asked in the Q&A were addressing the freedom camping concerns, unitary plan, street cleanliness, drains, rodents, tree protection and buses. It was beneficial to hear what he had to say about these topics affecting us in St Heliers and if you thought his answers were adequate enough for your vote.

We have a great community in St Heleirs and a strong voice which can be heard very clearly, and now I can add the bus stops outside our lovely restaurants will be reviewed in the new working group.

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