Lets Talk Mortgages & Insurance

Lets Talk Mortgages & Insurance

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah – from Lets Talk! Mortgages & Insurance.  Why talk to a bank, when talking to LTMI (your trusted adviser) about your plans makes the conversation so much more personal.  Where are you going and where do you want to be?  And to make it a win/win our services are free.  Easy peasy!!

Our motto is Find It – Get It – Keep It. Find the Property, Get it with a mortgage on that property and the keys to the front door, and Keep it – that’s the personal insurance for you! It’s all about you.  Life, Trauma, Income Protection, Medical etc. What happens if you are sick off work? How do you keep paying the bills – that’s what planning is about.  How do we look after you? And of course kiwisaver – so many kiwis have no idea about kiwisaver or don’t have it – Lets Talk! My passion is getting people into homes, or if you have 1 into more property.  And looking after you with insurance. Together.  As a team.

Winner of 3 awards in 2018, along with 3 years in business, I was honored when MP Simon O’Connor noted Lets Talk! Mortgages & Insurance in Parliament on October 24th. That’s when a business is doing well. I’d love to talk to you about your property plans, or your personal insurance – so pls contact us on 0800 110766, or email sarah@letstalkmortgages.co.nz

2018 Orakei Business Awards Winner for Business and Professional Services

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Hours Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Address Level 1,8 Maheke Street, St Heliers / PO Box 25614, St Heliers
Website https://www.letstalkmortgages.co.nz
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