NZ Private Investigators Ltd

NZ Private Investigators Ltd

NZ Private Investigators provide reliable professional investigative services each and every time to meet your specific requirements.

As a licensed Personal Investigator, we can help you with: Corporate Investigations, Criminal Defence Investigations, Civil Investigations, Workplace Investigations, Insurance investigations, Cyber-Crime Investigations, Drug and Fraud related investigations, Surveillance, CCTV/Tracking investigations, Intel gathering and Document Serving.

Key areas we can assist include:

  • Private prosecutions; (generally family or friends who have been arrested – I work with their lawyer and identify gaps in the case)
  • Preparing reports and evidence for those shop owners who have had a crime committed against them in order to provide a Police complaint to a high standard which will ensure the case is given priority; (sometimes the community cop or frontline Police, in general, are unable to gather all of the evidence before the file is moved around internally);
  • Interviewing, gathering intel and evidence;
  • Workplace investigations – theft as a servant, staff bullying, staff drug use, surveillance etc.
  • Providing advice to those who have been victims of cyber-crime and dealing with the banks on the victim’s behalf (having worked in the cyber-crime teams at the banks I can assist greatly in this area) – I would only look at charging a client for this service if I can get money returned. I would not like to re-victimise cyber-crime victims.
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Address Suite 7, 8 Turua Street, St Heliers
Phone 021662937