Sheena Hendon Health

Sheena Hendon Health

Taking a holistic and natural approach to health and working with the mind and body to get profound results with individual clients and through empowering group seminars and workshops. Shenna believes that both the orthodox and natural medicine models have a part to play in a person’s quest for health – neither has all the answers but used together they can have incredible results.

Sheena specialises in women’s and baby and child health and wellness. However, her clients range from teenage tennis stars and high profile business people to stay at home mums, and children. She treats both the symptoms and causes of a variety of health and wellness issue. These range from mental health disorders (depression, anxiety, ADHD…). weight, stress and pain management, allergies/ intolerances and digestive and female hormonal issues to skin problems, chronic fatigue, insomnia, diabetes and arthritis.  She also enjoys sports performance. Sheena is a past half-ironman competitor and a keen runner and works with athletes of all ages from the elite to not so elite). Additionally, using NLP she coaches individuals and groups on matters such as phobias, business success, self-esteem and being the best you can be.



Hours Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Address 7, Polygon Road, St Heliers
Phone 021316677